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Adding Air Conditioning to a Boiler Heated Home

If you are a homeowner or a homebuyer of a house with boiler heating, you may think that air conditioning is not an option for your home.

Boiler systems do not have ductwork, so traditional central air conditioning is impossible. This is not true! There are solutions that will provide air conditioning to a boiler heated home. Here we will talk about two of them: mini-split systems and high-velocity systems.

Mini-Split Systems

An excellent way to add air conditioning to a boiler heating system is by installing one or more ductless mini-split systems. These systems do not connect to your boiler system; they are standalone systems that will heat or cool an individual room or space. This allows the homeowner to easily control the temperature within that space.

If you need excellent quality air conditioning or heating in only parts of the house, mini-split systems are ideal. This would include houses or additions that are heated with hydronic heating, radiant panels, and space heaters or very energy efficient new homes that can be heated or cooled by a small system. If installing additional ductwork is difficult or cost prohibitive, mini-split systems are a great solution.

The installation of a mini-split system is quick and easy. Mini-split systems consist of two components. The first is an outdoor compressor/condenser and the other is an indoor air-handling unit or units. The two components are connected by cables, copper tubing, and a condensation drain line through a hole that is about three inches in diameter. Of course, for each room or area, you need to be cooled, you will need to install a mini-split system.

Two advantages of mini-split systems are energy efficiency and indoor air quality. These systems cost much less than a large air conditioner to operate, and since the air is not distributed viaducts, it’s cleaner to breathe.

High-velocity systems

High velocity systems use air condensers that are attached to the wall on the outside of the building and seamless soft rubber tubes that carry the air from the condensers to its intended destination(s). The rubber tubes take the place of duct work and are cleaner and more energy efficient. High velocity systems are simpler to install than traditional ducted central air conditioning and superior in comfort and looks.

High velocity systems push cool air through the tubes at high speed and can cool large areas (and multiple areas) of a home or building. The system circulates air very evenly throughout a space, eliminating pockets of cold or hot air and reducing humidity. It also operates quietly compared to mini-split or central air systems. The tubes are flexible and can be added with minimal destruction or damage to an existing building or its design elements.

This type of system works very well to cool historic buildings such as Heritage Hill homes, buildings with radiant heat systems, lofts, cabins, building additions, and modular homes. They save space and can be installed in small attics.

The above solutions can, of course, be used alone or in combination with each other to cool a boiler heated home, and they can be added without spending thousands of dollars renovating your home and installing ductwork.

If you have any questions about which types of cooling systems would be best for your home or areas of your home, call (616) 371-5545 or contact us online. We would be glad to talk through your options and install a system that will improve the comfort of your home year round.