Smart Home

Is Your Home a Smart Home?

Have you considered installing smart home technology in your home?

With the right additions, your home will nearly run itself, providing you and your family with comfort, security, safety, and convenience all while conserving energy and saving money. With smart home technology, you can “be home” even when you’re not there, communicating with your family and with your home itself through your phone and making adjustments to the temperature, the security system, the locks, and even the entertainment system remotely. Does this sound like the future? It’s already available today.

What Is a Smart Home?

A smart home is a term that commonly refers to a house that has all of its systems – heating and cooling, security, entertainment, lighting, and camera – installed so that the homeowner can:

  • Schedule them to turn off and on or adjust themselves based on changing conditions
  • Make changes from any room in the house
  • Adjust them remotely via telephone or internet
  • These systems are also capable of communicating with each other in order to maintain peak comfort and security in the home. Basically, a smart home is a home you can easily control or adjust from anywhere anytime.

A Smart Home Is Comfortable

In a smart home, it’s simple to adjust the thermostat if it gets too cold or too hot, and the HVAC system can adjust itself when you’re away to save energy. Energy sensors can also tell you if one room is colder than another and communicate with the heating system to adjust the temperature, making every room as comfy and cozy as possible.

A Smart Home Is Secure

Smart home products make locking and unlocking doors and arming security simple and stress-free. It’s simple to disarm the security system, and it can be armed remotely if you forget when you’re running out the door. Smart tagging products allow trusted people access to your home too – without telling them your passcodes. Indoor and outdoor cameras make it easy to monitor your home and your family from far away – and even speak to them directly! A camera in the doorbell has the ability to monitor package delivery or guests arriving. Kids can swipe a device to tell their parents that they are home from school. There are so many ways that smart devices can now allow you to watch and protect your home, your belongings, and your family.

A Smart Home Is Safe

Smoke and carbon monoxide are a concern for any homeowner, but smart home sensors can monitor the home continuously for these dangers. If the smoke detector detects smoke, it will send a notification directly to your phone. Smart home smoke detectors can give you a friendly heads up when your toast is burning so that you can fix the problem before the alarm goes off.

Smart alarms also test themselves automatically, checking their batteries and sensors 400 times a day.

A Smart Home Saves Energy

Smart home technology allows homeowners to save both energy and money. Not only can homeowners control heating and cooling, lighting, and window coverings, the system can monitor and record energy usage so that you can adjust its various parts to save even more energy over time. Smart home technology is green technology.

While some smart homes are built completely configured, most homes are not. Any home can be retrofitted with smart appliances and systems, though. All smart home products are compatible with the internet, telephones, and cell phones. You can begin by adding only one or two smart home products and add more over time as your budget allows to expand your control and your home’s comfort. Tell your insurance company you have added smart home products to your home. Some will lower rates on homeowners insurance for customers with smart homes.

Lake Michigan Mechanical sells and installs a full spectrum of smart home products. If you are looking to add more comfort, security, safety, and convenience to your home environment, give us a call. Start small with smart home products or go big. The sky is the limit, and the future is now.