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AC Installation Services Grand Rapids - Lake Michigan Mechanical - lake-michigan-mechanical-air-conditioningWhether you’re replacing an outdated system or adding air conditioning for the first time, Lake Michigan Mechanical will help you choose the best system for your needs.

We want your house to be kept cool in the summer, regardless of its size, while simultaneously providing the most energy efficiency possible. Our team of expert AC installers can get you up and running in no time. We can even add AC to a boiler heated home!

Adding AC to a Boiler Heated Home

Homes with boiler systems typically do not have the duct work required already in place to install a traditional air conditioning system. This does not mean, however, that you can’t have A/C just because you have a boiler heated home. Unico high-velocity air conditioning systems, SpacePak aspiration systems, and Fujitsu Mini-Split systems can all operate without traditional ductwork to cool your home. Contact Lake Michigan Mechanical today to discuss what options might be best for your situation.

AC Installation Services Grand Rapids - Lake Michigan Mechanical - ac-repair-and-installationAC Systems

There are many different types of air conditioning systems, each with their own considerations. central air conditioners are among the most common and are designed to cool the entire house. They consist of a condenser that is located outside and a system that circulates air over refrigerant coils before being distributed throughout the house. This is a great system if you already have a standard furnace.

If you don’t require air conditioning for your whole house, there are also a number of different conditioner options that we can work with. For boiler heated homes, we also work with ductless mini-split air conditioners, aspiration systems, and high-velocity air conditioners.

Regardless of your situation, Lake Michigan Mechanical will help you to determine which system is best for you. Contact us today to schedule service!