Drain Cleaning

Fast and Affordable Drain Cleaning for Grand Rapids Homes and Businesses

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Are you dealing with a clogged toilet, sink, or shower drain? Stop wasting money on ineffective over-the-counter drain cleaners!

With fast, affordable service from Lake Michigan Mechanical, you can say goodbye to your slow drains once and for all. We offer comprehensive drain inspections and utilize top-of-the-line equipment to effectively clean and clear even the toughest drains.

Lake Michigan Mechanical can unclog overflowing sinks and tubs with our emergency service team, or perform routine drain cleanings to ensure that the water goes where it should.

At home drain cleaning chemicals only temporarily fix the problem. Additionally, they can be toxic and dangerous, so it’s best to contact a professional to clean your drain. Rather than simply buying you more time, we will perform a thorough drain cleaning with a snake that will remove all the foreign matter from your drain.

Contact Lake Michigan Mechanical today for a thorough drain cleaning, or call our emergency service line if there is an uncontrolled overflow.