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The Best Way to Avoid Unexpected Breakdowns

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Preventative Maintenance

The best way to avoid unexpected breakdowns and the need for emergency repair on your boiler, furnace, air conditioner, water heater, and other plumbing is to perform routine preventative maintenance. Lake Michigan Mechanical offers a number of maintenance packages to keep your equipment running to its maximum potential. By performing preventative maintenance for a small cost, you can avoid larger unexpected costs and even full replacements down the road.

Maintenance Packages

We offer three main maintenance packages, but we can also work with you to develop a custom package
specific to your unique situation.

  • Keep It Going = $89/year
    • The “Keep It Going” package is designed for warranty validation of your equipment. In order to keep equipment warranties, inspections must be performed by a professional contractor, including a full system check, safety check, and visual inspection.
  • Reduce Breakdowns = $149/year
    • The “Reduce Breakdowns” package includes a full system calibration, cleaning, and measurement of component outputs and performance. This package is designed to get your system running more efficiently and ensure that all the different pieces of equipment are working together in harmony.
  • Protect & Enhance = $199/year
    • o The “Protect & Enhance” ensures optimal performance of your equipment and protective measures to enhance its function and longevity. A full calibration will be performed, including measuring CFM, A/C charge, and various efficiency measures, and includes filter change reminders. This package also includes free service calls* if any issues arise after the checks are performed

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*Disclaimer: customers qualify for free service calls only if required repairs are made as identified by the Lake Michigan Mechanical technician and proper maintenance, including monthly filter changes, are performed on equipment serviced.

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